Learn How To Make An Ottoman Using A Coffee Table! | Diy Home Ideas

You will need to get a strong adhesive spray or spread or whatever you can get your hands on (Pinterest home ideas)really.

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14. A little something-something to make sure everything stays put. | Pinterest home ideas.

I love a fun DIY project like the next person and I jumped at the opportunity to make an ottoman  from

an old coffee table.I had stored away in the basement (cheap diy home decor). I already had all the materials I needed, and I didn’t have to spend not one penny so why not, right? So, the first thing I did was cut the legs down a bit on the coffee table because it was definitely too tall to be an ottoman (basic home design). Next, I brought out the foam and I will admit that it was not all in one piece, it was from another home decor project I had completed, and I just hate to part with scraps because you just never know when you might need it!

Here is the foam that i bought

Case in point a la ottoman, so I will take a bow for being so resourceful with my crafty home ideas, thank you very much (smile). Ok back to the ottoman – I sprayed some adhesive on the surface of the coffee table (you can spray outside because it can get on everything within the area that you spray, it also has a slight odor) and I brought out the pieces of foam and began putting it on the surface in bits and pieces (no problem). After I felt that it was still too flat and needed more plushness, so I added a piece of textured foam to the top what I already had going on and that gave me what I wanted (cute home decor ideas).

You will need a adhesive spray also

Next, I covered everything up with batting and stapled it securely below the table, there was some excess and I figured a way to get rid of the excess (it’s in my video in more detail). When that was completed I brought out the fabric and pulled it nice and tight to and folded it in before I stapled because that way I got a nicer finish and I didn’t have to cut too much of the fabric off. After I covered the larger surface of the coffee table, I cut the longer parts off the legs and folded them in before I stapled that down. As you can see my Scruffy is all comfy on the ottoman and it looks really, really good!

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